Our Team

Some time ago, Label Gallery saw a need to help customers improve their processes and increase brand innovation. We seized the opportunity and assembled a team of research and development, manufacturing, graphics development, project management, and materials management personnel. The Label Gallery team is led by our CEO and Innovation Leader, Chris Ulatowski. Our mission is to provide customers with solutions to their label printing and packaging problems.

Each Label Gallery team member provides a unique set of skills vital to the success of the team’s mission. Every project is thoroughly managed step-by-step, from the point of initial contact, through to implementation and follow-up to provide our customers with high quality label production and optimal results.

Meet Our Team:

Chris Ulatowski, CEO & Innovation Leader – chris@labelgallery.net

Chris works closely with customers to understand their problems and identifies ways to accomplish their objectives. He brings a huge array of new ideas and processes to be further developed by the team into effective solutions. Chris spends a great deal of his time with customers understanding their business. He just loves to tinker until he finds the answer!

Graphic Design Team

The Graphic Design Team helps bring new packaging ideas to life by developing graphic
alternatives that raise shelf appeal and increase package effectiveness. Customers have utilized our team’s creative abilities to solve their toughest graphics challenges. The Graphic Design Team just enjoys creating something that wasn’t there before!

Press Room/Production Supervision

Our Press Room/Production Supervision also serves as our Purchasing Coordination for
substrates. Customers benefit from our Press Room/Production Supervision’s familiarity of the many paper, film and foil substrates available, as-well-as their timely, intelligent and economic purchasing methods. They ensure that sufficient quantities of all materials required are on hand – when they are needed – so that the Project’s Schedule is not
jeopardized. Our Press Room/Production Supervision hates to be kept waiting and they don’t want anyone else to either!

Procedure Control

Procedure Control brings a unique element to the team. In the mist of all of the Team’s activity to search out and deliver the right solution, Procedure Control ensures that quality is built into the process. This means quality of information delivered, quality of specifications delivered, and ultimately the quality of the products delivered. Procedure Control simply “gets a kick” out of authoring procedures.

Project Management

Project Management leads the project team and keeps everyone on track to ensure
customers get their projects completed on time using the most efficient process possible. They hold frequent meetings and demands the highest level of professionalism and
completeness from the group. You could say they set the cadence of each project

Quality Assurance Administration

When it comes to having a complete perspective in flexographic printing and converting, few match up to our Quality Assurance Administration’s background. Our Quality Assurance Administration simply won’t accept anything less-than what they know can be achieved. They are the undisputed keeper of the “bar”, the QA Standards Bar that is.

Process Engineering

Process Engineering brings a complete understanding of our press room capabilities to the team and can tailor or invent equipment to meet a specific customer need. They also helps define processes, writes specifications, and ensures successful production. Process
Engineering is all about setting an objective and meeting it!

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