Art Specifications

Media Accepted

Media Accepted: CD-R, CD-RW or Zip 100.
Always send a hard copy or a PDF file along with your electronic art files. Also, be sure to send all linked artwork and fonts used to create your file.

Preferred Software

Adobe Illustrator. Please note that we do not accept Adobe PageMaker files. Also, please avoid sending Quark or InDesign files if possible. Both programs are best suited for multiple page layouts (i.e. books, magazines, etc.) and can present difficulties resulting in a significant production delay.

Other Software Supported

Adobe Photoshop (please see the Photoshop Files section below), Quark XPress (up to version 8), Adobe InDesign.

Illustrator Files

All placed images should be linked and not embedded. Please send the linked images as separate .tiff or .psd files. Files should be sent in native Illustrator format.

Photoshop Files

Please note that Photoshop files should be used for the photographic images in your artwork only and should not be used to layout your artwork. Please use Adobe Illustrator for all layout and typesetting. Scanned line art should be at least 600 pixels per inch at final size. Photoshop files should be in CMYK mode unless grayscale, monotone or duotone. If your file contains layers, please provide file in the native Photoshop format (.psd) with layers included. Otherwise, files should be sent in .tiff format and should be at a minimum of 300 pixels per inch at final size.


Please supply all printer and screen fonts used or convert them to outlines in Illustrator.


Please make any bleeds at least .0625″ and keep all text and art that does not bleed at least .0625″ from the inside of the die line. Please avoid using full bleeds on butt-cut labels.


Please avoid trapping any files. We will take care of all traps before plating your job.


Please do not create “custom” spot colors. Use only Pantone color swatches unless your job is intended to be run in four-color process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to provide artwork to us, please contact us at 607-334-3244.

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